Onboarding Materials LSAC PLUS Online 2021

Queens, New York | Full-time | Fully remote


Hello LSAC PLUS Online Students!

We are excited to start getting to know you and kick-off the program. We need some information from you, a welcome video, favorite artist, favorite quote/motto, a cultural tradition, etc. We will be putting together packets for the Professors and TAs to get to know you before we get started. Also, some things will be shared on social media. 

For the welcome video, please submit it through this Google Form (copy and paste the link into your browser) since Recruiterbox does not accept mp4 files: https://forms.gle/KsKGaQtp2Th54VS17

In addition, if you can upload to YouTube as an Unlisted video, please submit a document in the designated section of the Recruiterbox form with your name and the link.  

If you have any questions please email ronbrowncenter@stjohns.edu