*2021 High School Sports Law Pipeline Program Admitted Students!

Online | Ron Brown Center & Prep Program | Full-time | COVID-19 remote


You have been accepted to the 2021 Assembling A Dream Team For The Court...Room: An Introduction To Sports Law For High School Students diversity pipeline program hosted by the Ronald H. Brown Center & Prep Program at St. John's University School of Law and sponsored by the Long Island Nets and the New York Liberty! 

To formally accept our invitation, please complete this form and sign and upload the required documents, in addition to replying to your acceptance email with a confirmation. We require you to sign and upload the documents emailed to you along with your acceptance letter.

The deadline to accept and submit these materials is stated in your Acceptance Letter and Email.

You should have received/will be required to upload:

  • Prep Program RulesSee Acceptance email for attachment of the fillable PDF. If possible, we prefer that you print it out to physically sign and date it, and upload a scanned copy.
  • Content/Photo Release FormSee Acceptance email for attachment of the fillable PDF. The main purpose of this form is to grant us permission to take photos/videos of you during the program for social media and future promotional activities. If possible, we prefer that you print it out to physically sign and date it, and upload a scanned copy.
  • Headshot: Please submit a headshot photo for our digital yearbook. You should have submitted a headshot photo upon applying to this program. However, this gives you a chance to provide a different photo, if you wish, that will be used for our digital yearbook. This can be a photograph, no more than one year old, that you have taken yourself--please make sure that the photo you have taken yourself follows the guidelines linked here. Or you can submit a digital/scanned copy of a professional headshot, no more than one year old, such as ones taken for school administration/faculty or for graduation photos without the cap and gown, or as shown linked here in this digital brochure. 

Please read your Acceptance Letter and Rules document carefully to be sure that you will be able to commit to this program. We do not recommend you work unless it is nights/ weekends only. Please let us know if you are planning on working.  

***Please upload all materials in PDF format (or HEIC/PNG/JPEG for photos) in this application. Label each file with your name and the type of document in the following format: Last Name, First Name - Document Type. (e.g., Smith, John - Rules).***

***If you do not have a scanner, you may take a photo. If you do not have a printer, the forms are converted to fillable PDFs to allow for a digital signature. Note about digital signatures: there are the options for a standard text signature that Adobe configures with the date and time and statement "Digitally signed by" or it can be drawn or you can insert an image of your signature.***

***All materials must be submitted by the stated deadline in your Acceptance Letter and Email.***


If you have any questions, please contact us at: ronbrowncenter@stjohns.edu