2020 Weekend LSAT Boot Camp - Financial Assistance

St. John's University School of Law | Full-time | Partially remote



To be considered for a disbursement under this Student Financial Assistance program, a student needs to submit a detailed explanation of expenses to be incurred that are related to his/her/their LSAT preparation and study, LSAT registration or law school application process.  If you have already incurred a qualified expense since the Program commenced, you may also submit a request for reimbursement; this request should include appropriate documentation itemizing the expense(s), showing that you have paid the expense(s) and specifying how you paid the expense(s).   As funds under this Student Financial Assistance program are limited, disbursements will be made on the basis of financial need, and students requesting assistance should further provide an explanation of such need.   Supplemental documentation may be requested from students applying for assistance, at the discretion of the Prep Program.

Feel free to contact Aida Vernon or Christine Kowlessar for more information.