2020 Financial Aid Application

St. John's University | Ron Brown Center & Prep Program | Full-time


Financial Aid Application Instructions - Deadline: Friday, February 28th, 2020

If you are interested in receiving aid to offset the cost of the Ron Brown Prep Program, Follow the instructions below.

1. For St. John’s University students, please email Kamille Dean (stjlawschool11@gmail.com) and state that you are interested in applying for financial aid and provide her with your student identification number (your X number). Please email her by February 28th, 2020.

2. For students at all other schools, please contact your financial aid office. Ask the financial aid office to send us a “financial aid transcript or FAFSA Report.” If your school does not have a financial aid transcript, please ask if they have a substitute equivalent document that will include your financial information and details about any grants / loans / scholarships / sources of income you have. Please send us the financial aid transcript or equivalent document no later than February 7. Have the transcript or document emailed to Kamille Dean (stjlawschool11@gmail.com) or mailed to her at the following address:

                           Attn: Kamille Dean
                           Director, Ronald H. Brown Center for Civil Rights
                           St. John's University School of Law
                           8000 Utopia Parkway
                          Jamaica, New York 11439

3. If you have any difficulty getting a financial aid transcript or equivalent document, please email Assistant Program Coordinator, Tatiana Orizaba Nicoll, at stjlawschool11@gmail.com with the name and email address or telephone number of a contact person in your school’s financial aid office. We will reach out to that person.


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