St. John's Law School Room 2-26 (3 In-House Clinics) and Legal Aid Society’s Queens Neighborhood Office (QNO)

Clinic Postings and Application Instructions


Consumer Justice for the Elderly:  Litigation Clinic

FULL for Spring 2020

Securities Arbitration Clinic

FULL for Spring 2020

Tenants’ Rights Advocacy Clinic

FULL for Spring 2020



Child Advocacy Clinic

(One semester clinic – 4 credits)

Students will represent children (newborn through 21 years of age) involved in family court and immigration court cases, in which the children are the subject of abuse or neglect allegations in New York, or are fighting deportation based on abuse or neglect in their country of origin (unaccompanied child migrants). Student caseloads typically include allegations of parental drug or alcohol abuse, physical abuse, failure to ensure school attendance, mental illness, domestic violence, and inadequate guardianship. Students appear in family courts throughout the five boroughs and Long Island, and in Immigration Court at 26 Federal Plaza. 

Application Instructions


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